Personal Makeup Coaching
Expert 1-1 tuition

You're not alone if you don't feel fully on top of your makeup application technique. Trying to reach the same standards you see being used by experts is not straight forward without some training. With so many products, skin care strategies and application methods, there's a world of options that can leave you feeling bemused at best.

Here at the famous Glauca Rossi School Of Makeup we're now offering 1-1 personal tuition to those of you wanting to master the personal use of makeup.

This is a 3-hour-long session only runs on weekends and it can be tailored to meet your personal goals. You will learn from one of the schools expert tutors. You should leave with new knowledge and skills to help you with the personal application of makeup. This is a skill for life that we hope you come to use on a regular basis and enjoy.
Arrange a 1-1 session now

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh
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