The Story Behind the School

Above: Work by past students of Glauca Rossi School of Make Up
Make up school founderMake up school founder - Glauca Rossi
Our story

Founded in 1989

Renowned in the industry for producing exceptional make up artists, the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup was established in 1989 by revered makeup artist Glauca Rossi. 

Our reputation is founded on Glauca’s training and industry experience, successfully launching the careers of many professional makeup artists, including the global superstar Charlotte Tilbury.
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School principle Glauca Rossi (Right) & school principle tutor Azzurra Bonaldo London Innovation Award winners. 
Glauca Rossi school of make up London - team with students in front of the school
Students receive their certificates at Glauca Rossi School London
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Glauca Rossi: Founder

Colour, light, shapes – the desire to 
create beauty from blank canvas

Glauca Rossi had a carefree youth. Much of it was spent travelling the world. It was on her travels she absorbed the exotic sights of different cultures. This was to become an influence that's at the core of her work. Inspired by these many impressions of the world, the direction for her life became clear. She wanted to live a creative life in the spirit of that journey. That's when she developed a form of creative expression through the medium of makeup.

Glauca developed an approach to makeup that made a significant impression in the fashion industry. Her talent was quickly spotted and the impact of her approach helped her stand out in from the crowd. Because of this she made an early breakthrough into the fashion world as she gained recognition as a rising star.

She went on to build an impressive portfolio. Her work  regularly appeared in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as working with other leading lights in the industry.

Photographers such as Norman Parkinson, Lord Snowdon and Bruce Weber used her for their shoots. She worked with the fashion designers Valentino and David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Rock stars, supermodels and even royalty called on her services.

In 1989, seeking a new challenge, Glauca opened The Glauca Rossi School of Makeup. The school has taught students from around the world. Many global superstars began their careers at the school (See gallery)

Multi Award-Winning Make Up School

Our school has won several prestigious awards 

More About The School

"You honestly cannot gain the insider skills, techniques and industry knowledge offered here anywhere else in the world".

Elisabeth Hsieh - Make up artists and past student

Azzurra Bonaldo: Head Tutor 

Azzurra was born in Rome and is now based in London.
Having moved to London to pursue her career she trained at Glauca Rossi School of Makeup. Supported by her training at the school, Azzurra was able to quickly break into the industry.

She has been lucky enough to assist some of the best in the business. She's worked on many fashion shows and magazine publications. At the same time she's built her own extensive list of private clients.

As head tutor, Azzurra shares her expertise in a style she's able to adapt to each of her students.

She's known for her nurturing, positive and friendly manner. Students can feel relaxed knowing they are in safe hands.

While her skill as an artist is admirable, her greatest asset is her skill in teaching. She has an uncanny ability to share her knowledge with others. This is a blessing to those starting their own journey in the industry.

She has a passion for both fashion and art. It's a combination that gives her work both colour and graphic elements. The result is her own makeup style that's known for its individuality and flair.

Azzurra uses her extensive knowledge to inspire her students. She supports them to find their own personal style. At the same time, they're encouraged to work with care and precision. Ultimately, this helps them be in command of the medium and maintain a superior quality in their work. This is the singular approach of the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup that's already helped so many students kickstart their careers fully equipped to succeed.
 Azzurra Bonaldo principle tutor at the Glauca Rossi School Of Makeup
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