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Below: Make up by past students Lauren Parsons, Charlotte Tilbury and Hannah Murray.
Vogue cover make up by Lauren Parsons, past student of Glauca RossiVogue cover make up by Charlotte Tilbury, past student of Glauca RossiRihanna Vogue cover make up by Hannah Murray, past student of Glauca Rossi

Award-Winning Make Up Training

Award winning make up school
The Official Makeup Awards
South England 
Winner of
Training Academy of the Year  2018
Award winning make up academy
Award winning make up school
The Official Makeup Awards
South England 
Winner of
Training Academy of the Year  2019
Award winning make up academy
Award winning make up school
Prestige Awards
London & South East
Award winning make up academy

Alumni from the Glauca Rossi's Make Up courses have worked with some of  the biggest publications

  • Make up school London - past students Charlette Tilbury

    Charlotte Tilbury

  • Make up school London - past student Hannah Murray

    Hannah Murray

  • Make up school London - past student Emma Lovell

    Emma Lovell

Magazine covers by past students of the school

Student Galleries

"I’m often asked for advice by people wanting to get started in the world of make-up. There’s no magic formula, it’s about working hard and getting yourself noticed.

To begin with, though, you’ll need a fantastic grounding. When I knew that I wanted to become a MUA, I attended the incredible Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London where I learnt the basis of the skills and tricks that I still use today".

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist
Charlotte Tilbury

12 Week Fashion & Beauty Professional Make Up Course 

Best make up courses in London - 12 weeks
This is the most complete makeup training course we offer. You will learn all the make up techniques, from beginning to advanced level. The course covers every period look from the 1920s to the 1980s to current looks. At the same time, you will be encouraged to explore your own creativity and find your style as a make up artist.

You'll acquire all the skills needed to break into all the sectors of the industry: fashion magazines, fashion shows, advertising campaigns (for magazines and TV), music videos events, red carpet, e-commerce, and bridal make up.

The 12-week make up course has a similar syllabus to the 8-week course. However, the extra four weeks give you the option to further practice and develop your make up skills and style under expert supervision.
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8 Week Fashion & Beauty Professional Make Up Course 

Best make up courses London, 8 weeks
This professional makeup training course follows a similar syllabus as the 12-week course discussed above. This 8-week make up course offers a shorter and more affordable way to train as a make up artist. It’s suitable for those with an art background, fast learners and those already working in the industry but wanting to further refine their skills.

Both courses take place in our London school, in Maida Vale. Course numbers are limited. This ensures small groups and an intimate learning experience with plenty of one-on-one time with your tutors.
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Bridal & Glam Make up Course

Best make up courses in London - 4 week
This is your opportunity to become an expert in the field of Glam Makeup art. In this 4 week course you will benefit from accessing the same expert tutors as all our other courses. You will learn all the required techniques to master Glam and Soft Glam. This is a particular skill that is sought after in the makeup world. It will further equip you to pursue new opportunities in your career once mastered.
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1-1 Training

Make up training London
The Glauca Rossi school of makeup is now offering the opportunity to learn from an expert to help improve your personal makeup practices. This will empower you to master your own makeup use from day to night or for special occasions. You will be taking away new skin care and makeup product knowledge. All lessons are tailored to the client's requirements.
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Follow in the footsteps of many industry leaders and start your training at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup

Many legendary careers  started here at London's Glauca Rossi School Of Makeup. If you're looking to do a makeup course and enter the  world of a professional makeup artist, then you've found the right place. There are few schools of makeup that can compete with the enviable reputation of the Glauca Rossi approach to makeup artistry. 

This multiple award-winning school has been running since 1989, and it's the place many of the world's greatest makeup artists got their careers started. 

Makeup artists such as Charlotte Tilbury, Hannah Murray, Virginia Young, Emma Lovell, Ken Nakano (Japan), Lauren Parsons,Florrie White & Elisabeth Hsieh are just a small number of the renowned makeup artists that trained here. (see gallery for more)

The School has earned a reputation for innovation, creativity and technical skill. It's a training designed to inspire discovery. It places a great emphasis on each student finding their own individual style.
It also brings with it the great heritage that emanates from the exceptional career of Glauca. 

It's almost like a "royal lineage" of makeup. Glauca regularly worked for magazines such as Vogue, Harpers & Queen and Elle. She was a favourite of photographers such as Lord Snowdon, Norman Parkinson and Bruce Weber. She worked with celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall, Jane Seymour and Meg Ryan. 

All this amounts to an accumulated knowledge of the industry  and it's history that's now passed on to students of the school. 

This knowledge is the bedrock on which the training is built and it's transmitted to each student helping them become the next generation of leaders in the industry. This is how the schools ongoing reputation of excellence continues to grow through the years.

“Don’t wait for inspiration. 
It comes while working." 

Henri Matisse

What Makes The Glauca Rossi School Of Makeup different from other trainings?

If you're looking to become a professional MUA and progress into the makeup industry, you've probably looked at many of the trainings available. You certainly have options and cheaper alternatives. So what is unique about the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup that distinguishes it from other schools?

The Glauca Rossi School places an emphasis on building the individual's unique talents from the ground up. We empower our students to deploy their creative individuality. We also keep the focus relatively narrow on the core skills of fashion, period looks and glam. 

Then we give students lots of time and detailed instruction, so they can become truly expert in each field. In this way they become uniquely equipped to express themselves with an enviable class and uniqueness of style.

The issue with some other courses is that their focus is often too broad to be absorbed properly. The courses don't allow enough time for the skills to be mastered or taught in sufficient detail. In trying to cover everything, students often end up learning very little. Their left with a weak foundation to build their careers on and it often crumbles. 
Students who've come to us from such courses found their foundational skills are not broad enough or well enough developed to give them the necessary confidence to progress well in industry.

Also, If your happen to be wondering about the importance of MUA accreditation, here's the truth of it.

We offer a certificate of completion from the school but not traditional accreditation. We don't think that leaves you in a weaker position as we understand it. 

In reality, the thing that the industry looks at is your portfolio. Hardened professionals in the industry know quality when they see it delivered for real. They trust their eyes. That's how they decide who they want to work with: talent that has been proven to deliver the end result they need.

They are not persuaded by qualifications. A great portfolio is what will open doors for you in this industry and what we help you leave with.

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