10-Day Introductory
Make-up Course

(Fashion or Glam)

This Make-up course provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge by covering essential techniques, product understanding and industry trends, equipping you with the basic set of skills that you will use to pursue a career in Make-up Artistry.

Its fully immersive and practical structure is focused on those who are aiming to build a career in the industry but want to have a basic knowledge before enrolling in further training.
*This is not a full professional course. 
Even though you will leave with a solid base, you will need further education to master the skills learned and develop new ones in order to start a career in this industry.
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Small Classes

A maximum of 10 students ensures each student get the personal attention they need to progress their knowledge of the Glam style.

Accomplished Tutors

All tutors are former students of the school with their own careers. This ensures a continuity of our renowned standards & practices.

Extensive Curriculum

The heritage and in-depth experience within the school ensures all relevant aspects of the fashion and glam make up styles are properly covered.

Hands-on training

Practice makes it perfect

What's unique about the training?

The hands-on and individually guided training gives you time and detailed instructions to become a truly expert in the field. Meticulously equipping you with an admirable class and distinctive Make-up style.

To ensure the quality and world leading reputation we have gained among the Fashion and Beauty industry lessons are exclusively taught by former students who carry on the heritage that came from the impressive career of Glauca, while bringing the most up to date wealth of knowledge inspiring you to discover your own individual style.

The family atmosphere we preciously cultivate extends beyond the period spent training, encouraging all students to become part of the Glauca Rossi community and have access to the school network, endless aftercare and support as they take their first steps into the industry and beyond.

You are welcome to look at the alumni gallery and testimonials to get your own sense of the school's heritage.

Introductory Make-up Course
Course fee Includes:
Deposit £400

10 Day Introductory Make-up 2024 Dates

Classes run Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm

Trouble Paying For The Makeup Training?

The Glauca Rossi School Of Make Up has partnered up with the financing company Humm to help you spread the payment out over a number of moths without the burden of having to pay interest on a loan.  Use the link below to make a quick application and see what they can offer. 
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